In addition to medical, dental, and vision, Uplift Education also offers eligible employees with other insurance options to ensure peace of mind.

Accident Insurance

Uplift Education provides employees with the option of Accident Insurance through Guardian. While we all do everything we can to keep ourselves and our families safe, accidents do happen. Guardian Accident Insurance can help you manage the medical costs associated with accidental injuries, both on and off the job. For more information see the Accident Insurance page of the Benefit Guide. Once you’ve reviewed the Benefit Guide, please review the Accident Insurance Plan and how to file your Accident wellness benefit.

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness coverage is provided by Guardian. This policy protects you and your family in the event of a serious illness or other medical condition. One unique aspect of this plan is that if you choose to leave the company, you can continue coverage on this policy. In addition to reimbursement in the event of a serious illness, Critical Illness coverage also provides a wellness benefit of $50 per covered person twice a year for routine tests and follow-up tests. For more information about Critical Illness costs, benefits, and illnesses covered, see the Critical Illness page of your Benefit Guide. Don’t forget to take a look at the Critical Illness Plan Details document as well! Directions for filing a wellness claim can be found here.

Cancer Insurance

Being diagnosed with cancer can be difficult for anyone, both emotionally and financially. Having the right coverage to help in these situations is very important. For this reason, Uplift Education offers eligible employees the option of Cancer Insurance through Guardian. Cancer Insurance can help offer peace of mind when a diagnosis of cancer or a specified disease occurs. For more information about Cancer Insurance, coverage options, and diseases covered, see the Cancer page of your Benefits Guide, the Cancer Benefit Summary and pages 1-76 of the Uplift Education Cancer & Hospital Indemnity Policy.  You can fine additional information for the Premier Cancer PlanAdvantage Cancer Plan or Value Cancer Plan here.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If you become seriously ill or injured, it’s likely you will have a hospital stay. It may be a little scary, as well as expensive. While medical insurance may cover the hospital bills, there will also be non-medical expenses such as transportation to medical treatment or additional child care which could be considerable. If you became hospitalized, could you manage all of these expenses from your savings? For more information see the Hospital Indemnity page of your Benefits Guide, the Hospital Indemnity Benefit Summary and pages 77-92 of the Uplift Education Cancer & Hospital Indemnity Policy.

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