Dental health is an important part of living a longer, healthier life.  This is why Uplift Education offers two dental insurance options through MetLife.  Here are some great resources you can use to help better prepare you when participating in the plan.

Dental Plan Information 

A quick overview of what the dental plan covers is listed on page 12 of your Benefits Guide.  This Summary will give you an overview of what is covered under Preventative Services, Basic Services, and Major Services, as well as lists the rates for each plan at each coverage option. Please also review the Dental ID How to find a Dental provider .

MetLife offers an awesome member portal and mobile app so that you can easily access and administer your plan. Once you set up your account, you can:

  • View your benefit details
  • Print your ID Card (You may also just provide your name, SSN and MetLife as your carrier to your providers office to verify benefits)
  • Download and print forms, if needed

For more information about the member portal , please review the MyBenefits Registration. For more information about the app, please see the Dental Mobile App Flier.

Need additional information?
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2022-23 Benefits Guidebook

Your 2022-23 Uplift Education Benefits Guidebook is available here. Click to view valuable information on plan options, coverage options and rates! (Download unavailable.)